Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a few fun snaps

im starting to find out how hard it is to actually get a good picture of both of them at the same time. but after about 5 snaps i finally got one i love. thank god for digital cameras(:


this picture cracks me up! this is kolie sitting in her new babydoll stroller pretending to cry like a baby.

shane and kolie checking out the fish tank.

kameron getting a kiss from gus gus

yay!! kameron rolls over!

so it has been in the works for quit some time now and has had some pretty good runs, but now at 31/2 months kameron has finally finished the roll!! really only to find out how the ottoman tastes(: but we are so proud of her. and i must admit this is not her first roll, but it was probably her third. yay for kam!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

catching up through the holidays

the holidays have been so much fun this year. kolie was so excited to see santa! i wasn't for sure how it was going to go, but she was all smiles and couldn't wait to go sit in his lap. when i placed kameron in his arms i told the photographer she was going to have to be fast. she started snapping away and we managed to get a great pic before kam started crying(: they must have been good girls because they definitely raked in the presents this year.

this was us at thanksgiving. kameron is over 2 mths here and really starting to smile(:

just like that, its already christmas. after spending time with shane's mimi, papa, and rest of the cozort fam, we head home to meet my family just in time for santa to come. kolie was so cute this year!! she was so excited when she could here santa in our house as she was lying in bed with nana, my sister, and zack. she asked him for a barbie this year. she got a pink mermaid barbie along with lots of other fun things. kameron got lots of fun things too. her new little chair is hilarious. she looks so funny in it! she likes to sit in it for a little bit, but then her head starts to bobble around and its time to relax again in her bouncer.

christmas morning we always wake up early and head over to mimi and papa's house to give and open more presents. then we go straight from here to grandma gail's house for the best breakfast ever.

this is kolie's new horse, cocoa.

kameron makes 4

the last 2 years have been so much fun watching kolie grow. it went by way too fast! it was time to let our family grow a little more so that she could be close to her new best friend(: into our lives came our sweet little kameron.