Thursday, October 29, 2009

just having some fun lately

i found kolie watching tv in her room like this.

zoo day!

well how rude!

4 yr wedding anniversary(:

hanging at the riverwalk

don't worry! this is a fake mouse(:

this cracks me up! kameron thaught she was so cool sitting in this chair by kolie.

i found kolie asleep in her room like this. too cute!! and in case any of you are wondering about her outfit she had going here, she totally dressed herself.

kameron's very 1st birthday!!

september 9th was kameron's first birthday. we celebrated over at mimi and papa's house with my parents too. here is kolie giving her a big birthday hug(:

birthday princess!

of course kolie got to put it on too

kolie just helpin a sista out

attempting a family pic. ha!

mimi, nana, and kam with mimi's famous cupcakes

proud parents!! and papa!

her first candle(:

i love this one!

kam's birthday party for friends and fam

present time!

it looks like she is really reading it.

happy birthday to kameron(:

kolie moving in for the kill...

kam is not happy about this at all!

yum yum!

straight to the bath!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

kolie's mermaid swim party!!!

this year we decided to do a mermaid swim party for kolie's 3rd birthday. it turned out so cute! this is kolie waiting for her party to start with her papa

getting so excited!! its almost time(:

rachel, kolie, and presly with the mermaid pinata.

bryce and jackson in the pool

kolie opening up her heaping mound of presents

she is in love with hello kitty

and there are plenty more pictures on a cd. for some reason it won't post the pictures from there onto here. i'll keep trying(: