Thursday, August 27, 2009

kolie's mermaid swim party!!!

this year we decided to do a mermaid swim party for kolie's 3rd birthday. it turned out so cute! this is kolie waiting for her party to start with her papa

getting so excited!! its almost time(:

rachel, kolie, and presly with the mermaid pinata.

bryce and jackson in the pool

kolie opening up her heaping mound of presents

she is in love with hello kitty

and there are plenty more pictures on a cd. for some reason it won't post the pictures from there onto here. i'll keep trying(:

kolie's 3rd birthday with the family

this is the card full of confetti that aunt ali sent in the mail to kolie. she thaught it was so fun!

for kolie's real birthday we went to incredible pizza. presly and cru stayed in town while peete and bethany were in chicago, so it was so much fun to have them with us(:

the girls with their nana

and kam with her papa

the coolest family ever!

and there's the bulldog, crubo.

happy birthday kolie!!

"presly, where are you"?

kameron with her mimi

mimi and nana pic

this little game was hilarious to watch them on. it was intense!

so sweet

kameron cried every time she had to get off the horse. she loved it!

nana with all of her grandkids

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kolie photoshoot and a flower hat for kam

kolie and i playing around one night with the camera. these are just a bunch of silly poses she put together for me. if this doesn't make you smile, i don't know what would(:

kolie wanted to take a turn with the camera

this is kam's hat she will be wearing for her one year portraits. of course we had to put it on her for some pre pics. how precious!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


this was our first trip with the four of us. we left for chicago at 3:30 in the morning!

don't kid yourselves. kameron slept for maybe a grand total of 1 hour the whole way!

eating our favorite pizza ever!!! giordanos(:

a good morning start to our first day

strolling down michigan ave.

this was kolie's purchase from the disney store. she named him michael jackson.

the girls 1st cubs game

all decked out in our cub gear

with nikole(aunt doo doo)

my sister and scott

kolie and daddy getting ready to throw money down to the drummers. it looks like kolie is holding that beer, but it is just a funny illusion(:

papa's signature pose

this was our view from the bleachers

mommy and daddy

kolie getting ready to take a nap on tana's lap

kolie and papa telling the outfielders that they stink. hee hee!

the drummers

the ball that soriano threw up to papa for kolie. it was so neat!! he came over by us and made sure that she got it(:

the next day we spent the day at navy pier

kams just mowing down some mcdonalds

we were trying to get this huge pirate ship in the picture

we all rode the ferris wheel.

this was one high ferris wheel!!

getting ready to head back for a little nappy

kameron with yi ya

kolie and papa

and kameron with papa too

a bunch of us went to eat at the greek islands. yummy!!

kolie and papa with their soriano ball

of course the kid came with us

just hangin out with the lego guy

cuzzo johnny came to eat dinner with us

he looks like such a little natural with the kiddos(:

tot and kolie

kolie decided to take some pics

kolie taking it of nikole

kolie taking it of scott

kolie taking it of some random guy

.... and another random guy(:

kolie still taking pictures

she is trying to make kam laugh here

it worked for like a second.