Monday, April 27, 2009

fun around the house

kam's sunhat photoshoot(: we found this little sunhat at our favorite store (target) the other day. it was so cute i couldn't wait for summer to take some fun pics with her. what a cutie!

for some reason kolie would not get on her 4 wheeler for the longest time. she finally decided it was time to ride. way to go kolie!!

kolie loves lining up her toys like this all the time. what a random group of toys(:

kolie loves to get in kam's toy and play like a baby too

kameron's 7 month pics

i took kameron to get some new portraits of her. these were my favs(: i cant believe our little baby is already 7 months! aren't these so cute!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

my girls!!

everyday i look at these cute little girls and cant believe that they are ours! i feel so lucky!! i am enjoying every second of them.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the easter bunny came!

this is where kolie finally found her and kam's easter baskets the bunny hid for them.

kam with her giant egg

so happy!!

kam with her nana and poppy. we started the day with breakfast at my mom and randall's house

kameron did so great for such a long day. this was just one of her temporary beds for the day(:

lunch at great mimi's

dinner at my dad and tana' house

fun time at the park with maddi and cait

kolie is becoming more brave

this is one of my favorites!

this is shane and kolie raking up the yard. kolie had know idea that she was using the poop scooper rake. so funny!! and she was so serious!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

my little cookie monster

kam is too little to do the cookie thing yet, but her time will come. she is so cute to look at while we are baking though(:

kolie wants to eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner right now. she has become my little cookie monster. and she loves to help me make them!

toys, sesame street live, and funny faces

i love this little face!! since kameron has been such a professional sitter now, she has been able to play with some new toys. she loves this one! she is almost 7 months now. and she cut her first two teeth about a week ago. poor little thing, they came in at the exact same time.

don't worry i did clean this little mirror right after this picture. between dogs and kids, mirrors this low to the ground don't stay very clear(:

what a little multi-tasker. she actually climbed up on cocoa (her horse) one handed, while talking on the phone at the same time.

kolie at home waiting for daddy and mimi to take her to see sesame street live. i stayed home with kameron. she was so excited! shane said at a quiet moment, kolie yelled out "hi elmo"!!

watching elmo!

of course she had to have an elmo and big bird doll, and don't forget about the $10 elmo balloon at intermission(:

funny faces