Monday, May 18, 2009

family comes in town!!!

aunt b, presly, and cru came to stay with us for the night. it was so much fun! of course kolie and presly ran around the house like a bunch of wild indians, while kameron and cru are starting to interact a little more. cru isn't walking yet, but getting close. he definitely finds a way to get where he wants. and kameron at 8 months is still trying to crawl. this was such a fun weekend(:


yi ya, papa, and uncle john came to town for a few days

best buds, kolie and jackson

cute snaps of kolie and kam

Sunday, May 10, 2009

...and more fun around the house

here is little kameron rocking away on those knees(: we are expecting a crawler anytime.

i love this! kameron will do this as if she is getting ready to just stand up. the picture doesn't really do it justice.

little koko dancing in the rain.

life is tough being the little sister...

kolie decided there needed to be a few more passengers. poor kam!

this is hilarious!! kolie has been potty trained for quit some time now, so we trust her pretty well while she is in the restroom. she had been in there for awhile when we decided it was time to check on her. she had lined the potty completely on her own! and i am ashamed to say i have never done this for her, so i have no idea where she learned it from. shane and i were cracking up! it was so perfectly done!

daddy saved a baby turtle in the middle of the road. don't ask me how he managed to see this little thing while he was driving. of course we took it in as our new family member. we asked kolie what it's name was, and she named it wonder pet. how cute!

checking on wonder pet in the morning

and then just a few days later mimi and papa found another baby turtle. and kolie named it wonder pet too.

this was my 3rd mothers day!! and my first with sweet kam(: my favorite day of the year.