Monday, June 29, 2009

growing girls

we have really been busy this summer with parties, swimming, and pretty much more swimming. but have been having a ton of fun! these are some pics from the last few weeks.

this was kam's first big booboo. she was in her little walker and kolie was trying to play with her. kolie put her weight on one side and accidently tipped it over. she was completely upside down in it!!!!! i totally freaked out! but she is a tough little stinker. she got a huge fat lip from it, but it didn't seem to bother her for long. poor little kam kam):

kolie and bryce eating cake at a family get together

this is kam with her little cousin, hailey. two little cuties(:

the girls with two of their great grandmas, gale and joyce.

me with my gorgeous girls!!

this is just a cute snap of kolie in our front yard. what a little natural(:

we are so excited to see kameron getting around the house so good. she pulls up on everything now!

kolie and shane getting ready to head down to our neighborhood pool.

just playing around with her daddy

we have definitely been spending alot of time in the pool this summer. i can't believe how awesome little kolie has been with her swimming! she won't let you touch her while she swims around. she jumps in and makes sure that her head goes under, and she also swims holding her breath under water with her eyes open. we are so proud of our little polar bear(: that's what she says she swims like, a polar bear.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

kam crawls!

so kameron is finally crawling at 9 months. she is so much fun now, just scootin around from toy to toy. and it is so cute to watch kolie be such a great big sister to her. she really loves little kam so much! as we all do(: although kameron takes more after shane, and kolie takes more after me, they are really looking alike too. it is too much fun watching them grow together.

and in pretty much the same day she pulled up on her toy by herself!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

pool days

we are so excited it's finally summer!! between mimi's pool, papa tom's pool, nana's and our neighborhood pools. we will be swimming it up this year. this was the girls before their first swim of the year.

kameron just chillin

we pretend that these are our horseys. yee haw!!