Saturday, July 11, 2009


little kam gave us a big surprise today and stood on her own! and decided to take a few first steps while she was at it too!!!! she turned 10 months and 3 days today. and the best part is that shane, kolie, and i got to see it all together. it was so exciting! and kolie just thaught it was the funniest thing she ever saw. what a great day(:

i love this pic! she got a little nervous here.

4th of july!!

for the 4th of july we spent the day swimming at mimi and papa's and then did fireworks with josh, andrea, maddi, and cait. kam was tired from all the swimming and went to sleep before it got dark enough and missed out on all the fun):

look at her go!

some loud ones(:

we got a skinny dipper!!

kirsten spent the day with us

kolie masters stepping on the poppers. she got really good at throwing them too!!

action shot

kolie has become obsessed with michael jackson lately. and what do you think her favorite video is? thriller!! we are so thankful that we have our michael jackson dvd of all his videos so that she can watch them over and over again. and since thriller is a little on the scary side, this is how she prefers to watch it.

what's a summer without some goggle shots(:

our little beauty growing up

kameron chowin down on some pancakes